Polytunnels For Allotments

Our polytunnels for allotments come in two different sizes and are suitable for big or small spaces within an allotment. A polytunnel for an allotment offers much more growing space than a greenhouse so you can plant more as well as many other benefits! Haygrove Garden Tunnels can help home-growers to achieve optimum growth and extend the growing season with an undercover area.

Smaller Allotment Polytunnel

Our 3m Garden Tunnel is suitable for a smaller plot in an allotment that doesn’t take up too much space. This is the smallest option and leaves more room for you to grow outside of the polytunnel.

Larger Allotment Polytunnel

Our 4m Garden Tunnel is suitable for a larger plot in an allotment. This is a bigger, more spacious option for those looking for more room to grow produce.

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There are many benefits to our Haygrove Garden Tunnels and why they are the best choice for any size allotment space. If you want to enhance your growing environment our durable garden tunnels are great for all types of growing, they are built to last, easy to move, and have many more benefits!

When considering a polytunnel for your allotment you will also want to consider other areas such as planning permission, the size of your space and the polytunnel that you can fit in there. We have have some great getting started and garden tunnel guidance information to help you on the right track when it comes to finding the right polytunnel for an allotment.

Unsure which size tunnel to choose? Get in touch today and one of our experts can help or call us on 0800 255 0875.