Planning Permission

Do you need planning permission for a garden tunnel?

A regular question we get is whether you will need planning permission or not for your polytunnel. A normal greenhouse or garden polytunnel will not usually require planning permission.

You should check if:

  1. If your polytunnel is more than 3m high.
  2. If your tunnel is covering more than half of the area around your house.
  3. If your polytunnel is too close to the boundary.
  4. If your garden tunnel is at the front of your house.

If in doubt, it is best to call your local council. Often council planning departments run free clinics where you can take some pictures and plans of what you plan to do and get some advice on whether planning permission is required.

On the allotment, it will depend on your individual site’s rules. Best to check with your site representative or manager, who will be able to give you guidance.

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