Getting Started

Are you considering investing in a polytunnel? We can help! Here we hope to give you all information you need to select the polytunnel that is just perfect for your garden or allotment. However, if you can’t find what you are looking for or simply prefer to talk through your specific requirements, we would be delighted to hear from you. Either give us a call on 0800 255 0875 or fill in our contact form.

At Haygrove we specialise in polytunnels from the large to the small. We started, and still are, one of the world leaders in designing commercial field-scale polytunnels selling to over 50 countries and 30 crops. We’ve used this know-how to produce the highest quality tunnels for homes, allotments and schools. Our Garden Tunnels are made to the same exacting standards as for the demanding commercial sector where quality of build and performance delivery are critical.

Haygrove Garden Tunnels enable you to grow your own sustainable fresh produce over an extended growing season, offering extra warmth in the winter, shelter from the elements and protection from pests.

What does a Haygrove polytunnel do?

Weather protection

Polytunnels protect your crops from adverse weather conditions so your plants can thrive throughout the season.

Polytunnels provide a physical barrier to protect your precious plants from strong winds, rain and hailstorms. A question we are often asked is ‘Can I have a Haygrove Garden Tunnel on a windy site?’ The answer is a resounding yes! Discover how our Garden Tunnels are suitable for windy locations.

In the Spring and Autumn, frost is one of the biggest risks to plants. By growing in a polytunnel it is possible to reduce the risk of frost damage. Closing the doors and sealing your polytunnel traps heat inside the tunnel and in extreme conditions gas heaters can be placed inside a polytunnel to further raise the temperature. 

One of the more surprising weather risks that polytunnels can protect plants from is direct sunlight. Although plants require light for photosynthesis, direct sunlight can lead to leaf scorch. The unique woven polythene cover on a Haygrove Garden Tunnel diffuses the light for an even distribution throughout the Garden Tunnel. By diffusing the light the Haygrove cover also regulates the temperature to prevent heat spikes. On a hot sunny day, the inside of a Garden Tunnel is often cooler than standing outside in the direct sunlight.  The Haygrove cover is one of its superior features compared to other polytunnels and greenhouses.

Find out more details on our polytunnel covers. 

Pest protection

Polytunnels can be sealed to prevent rabbits, mice, insects and flies from damaging your crops. 

Season extension

Growing in a polytunnel allows you to manipulate the conditions to create the ideal growing climate for your plants. This allows polytunnel gardeners to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers earlier and later than would be typically possible outside. In some cases, growing in a polytunnel means gardeners can grow plants that wouldn’t usually survive in and enables you to grow vegetables in winter and other seasons.

Why choose a Haygrove Garden Tunnel?

  1. World leader in polytunnel innovation 
  2. Heavy duty polytunnel with steel frame 
  3. A-frame profile for maximum space  
  4. High strength woven material cover 
  5. No dig! Cover clips into the steel base frame 
  6. Roller vents included as standard 
  7. Option of rainwater gutters 
  8. Personal and prompt service 
  9. Free and Fast delivery 
  10. Full construction offered all over the UK

Choosing the right polytunnel for you

Finding the right polytunnel for your garden isn’t always the easiest task. There are many things to consider when it comes to making the right choice for you. 


Haygrove Garden Tunnels are available in two widths. 3m wide for smaller gardens and 4m wide for larger spacers. 

Our 3-metre-wide tunnels are perfect for smaller gardens and give you plenty of practical space to enjoy growing delicious produce throughout the year. You can choose from a variety of lengths, from 4 metres all the way up to 14 metres – that’s a serious amount of growing potential. All our tunnels are designed to the same high-quality specifications so there are no compromises. Many people layout their 3m wide Garden Tunnel with a central path with beds on either side. 

Our 4-metre-wide tunnels are great for larger gardens and give you the perfect space to produce serious yields throughout the year. You can choose from a variety of lengths, from 4 metres long all the way up to 20 metres. You have great space to move, set up potting tables and plant beds. In a 4m wide polytunnel, its common to have a central bed with a path on either side to give good access to all the growing spaces. 

We would recommend going as big as your space and budget allow. The biggest complaint we get from past customers is that they wish they had gone bigger, some now even have two polytunnels in their garden!


Would you like one or two doors?

Every Garden Tunnel comes with a steel-framed swing door at one end for access. On all sizes of polytunnel there is the option to upgrade to two doors, one at either end. 

As well as being used for access, doors are an effective way of managing ventilation. When the doors are shut they give an excellent seal to maintain the temperature in the tunnel. When the doors are open they allow air to flow freely into the polytunnel. 

On Garden Tunnels over 10 metres, we would recommend having two doors to ensure good airflow, especially on hot summer days. 

The doors are a standard width of 1m (3ft 3”). Wide enough for wheelchair access and perfect for the wheelbarrow! 

Rainwater Gutters

Are you looking to be more water efficient?

By fitting gutters to your Haygrove Garden Tunnel, you can harvest the rainwater from your polytunnel into a water butt and use the water to irrigate the plants inside your tunnel.  

Using rainwater is better for the planet, better for your plants and cheaper than using the hosepipe!

The roof of the polytunnel provides an excellent catchment area for collecting rainwater. The gutters are attached to a galvanised steel bar that fits inside the tunnel – making the gutter completely stable and adding additional strength to your polytunnel.

Rainwater Gutters must be fitted at the time of construction or when re-covering the polytunnel.

Potting Table

Our potting table is designed to clip onto the internal steel sidewalls of the Garden Tunnel. 

The potting table is easy to assemble and can be effortlessly stored away once potting is completed, allowing the ground underneath to be cultivated. This also stops shadowing in the tunnel area, ensuring perfect light conditions for your plants.

The hinge up and hinge down potting table provides 1.94m x 0.7m (6’4’’ x 2’3’’) table space.

Construction or Self Build

Haygrove Garden Tunnels can be built by you, or we offer a construction service. 

If you are doing a self-build, we will provide you with a comprehensive manual and recommend you allow two days to build (allowing for some essential tea breaks!) with a minimum of two people.

If you would like us to build it for you, we will contact you after the order has been placed to arrange a suitable date. It will take us less than a day to build – we’ve had a lot of practice! 

For further expert advice call us on 0800 255 0875 or fill in our contact form