Large Polytunnels

If you have more space to play with then our larger garden polytunnel is perfect for filling bigger spaces. Whether you are after a polytunnel for a larger garden or a polytunnel for an allotment, we have something for you.

Large Garden Tunnel

Our 4m and 5m wide Haygrove Garden Tunnels are high-quality steel framed polytunnel that will help protect your produce and extend your growing season. These polytunnels are designed with larger spaces in mind. Perfect for a larger garden or allotment space. Our durable Garden Tunnels can withstand all the elements, making them suitable for windy locations and are built to last.

The Garden Tunnels are available from 4m to 20m long. Roller vents are fitted as standard on all our Garden Tunnels to create airflow for the perfect growing environment. You have the option to add gutters for collecting rainwater and potting tables.

One piece of advice, we often have customers coming back saying how much they their Garden Tunnel but they wish they had a bigger one. We recommend you go as big as your space and budget allow!

For more information about our larger garden tunnels, get in touch with us today or call us on 0800 255 0875. Alternatively, if you are after our larger Commercial Polytunnels take a look at our Haygrove Polytunnels website.

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