Let The New Year Commence!


Happy New Year to everyone- hasn’t January flown by! A real contrast for us to start the year with as we spent a wonderful two weeks in South Africa. We were fortunate enough to have some beautiful weather as well as seeing some great sights, especially on Safari. It is never easy coming home to cold winter weather but we have lots to be getting on with. It’s sowing and construction season for us – one of our busiest times of year!

One of our favourite Safari moments from our recent trip to South Africa

Even with the sub zero temperatures we have been busy building in Wales and Herefordshire to ensure our amazing customers get some great crops in time for harvest. The warehouse is full of stock so we are looking forward to delivering and building plenty of polytunnels in the coming months. 

The warehouse has been topped up with polytunnel stock. Our deliveries and constructions are in full swing all across the UK to get all of our lovely customers ready for the upcoming growing season.

We’re on the move and a little bit of news…

It is also the time of year for planning as we will be attending 12 shows all around the country this summer. We are hoping to see some familiar faces as well as new ones! Along with shows, we are planning a more regular and informative newsletter/ blog. This will include a lot of information about crops and when to grow them. Some of these great tips will be coming from some of our amazing previous and existing customers.https://gardentunnels.co.uk/events/

We will also be introducing you to Barry & Trish Wilson. Wonderful gardeners who ae based in Norfolk and who have a very informative series of videos on their YouTube channel. Barry & Trish will be contributing every month with their tips on what to grow, how to grow and even some of their delicious recipes. ( https://www.youtube.com/@nodignorfolkgardener4575 )

Wishing you all a successful 2024 growing season!

~Tim & Mandy