Everything you need to know to raise a thriving garden

Our thanks to Emma Croft from Get Gardening for featuring our Garden Tunnels in her blog post. 

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels

A garden can be a fun and practical hobby, giving you the chance to spend time outdoors while raising fresh produce to enjoy. Whether you have a garden in your yard or a large-scale operation, Haygrove Garden Tunnels provides polytunnels in the UK and more than 50 countries worldwide to meet all your growing environment needs.

Growers of every variety should read on for some useful tips we’ve provided.

Select and Prepare a Fitting Plot of Land

 A bountiful garden starts with the right plot of land.

 Pick a spot for your garden that’s easy to access, flat, and sufficiently sunny.

  • Before planting, hire a property surveyor to measure and demarcate your yard’s boundaries. This will ensure your garden doesn’t creep into your neighbor’s property.
  • Consider a proven method to prepare the soil for planting to improve aeration and drainage around your plants’ roots.
  • Put in an irrigation system to simplify your future garden’s watering needs.

Do Your Research Into What and How to Plant

Different plants require different conditions in terms of climate and season for maximum growth.

 If you’re new to gardening, opt for low-maintenance produce that’s easy to grow.

Take Steps to Maintain Healthy Growth

 The actions you take after planting your garden will directly influence its future health.

 Nurture the soil by regularly adding nutrient-rich compost. You can create your own.

  • Aerate your garden regularly between growing seasons to keep soil from becoming compacted and impeding root access to nutrients, water, and oxygen.
  • Use organic pest control methods to protect your garden without harming useful insects like bees, which support growth through pollination.
  • Protect your prized and fragile plants from pests and the elements with a purpose-built Haygrove Garden Tunnel.

Being able to raise a beautiful, bountiful garden can be extremely rewarding. With the help of the above resources, you’re sure to achieve success. Then, all that’s left to do is enjoy the rewards of your hard work!