Carole Henson Testimonial

Carole Henson Testimonial

Customer: Carole Henson
Location: Brynglas

Garden Tunnel Product: Large Polytunnel

I bought my Haygrove polytunnel 10 years ago, and previously had a much smaller one from another well-known supplier. The quality of the Haygrove tunnel is hugely superior to the previous one. The plastic is much better quality, with built in roll-up sides as standard, and the shape is far better with higher ‘shoulders’ which makes it easier to grow climbers. The long fixing rods, which go in at a 45 degree angle, are so much easier than awkward plates which require holes digging. I live very high in the Welsh Hills, and the wind can be wicked, but nothing has ever moved the tiniest bit. And the real icing on the cake – it has proper doors that close tightly, and gable ends that don’t require difficult, ugly pleating. I love it, and have even carpeted it, and put a chair in there to sit and just enjoy it.

Inside a Haygrove garden polytunnel.

I ordered a new cover, in March 2023, and Tim and Mandy did a wonderful job. It was raining and muddy, and the polytunnel was full of crops, as it is every day of the year, including a couple of vines, fig tree, apricot, and lots of veg and herbs. They didn’t bat an eyelid and just got on with the job, and very politely tolerated me getting in the way doing cleaning in places I couldn’t previously reach. They managed to navigate around everything meticulously without damaging anything, and got into corners that weren’t easily accessible, without any complaint. The new method of using pipe cladding, instead of hot-spot tape which really doesn’t do the job or last very long, is fantastic. Everything was left neat and tidy, with old material all rolled up and stacked tidily ready for removal. And, I have just received a replacement strip of door trim in the post, at no charge. What more can I say. Brilliant.