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Haygrove, a world leader in commercial polytunnels, brings you all the benefits of our field-scale products directly to your garden!

protect your homegrown produce and extend your growing season

The Haygrove Garden Tunnel allows you to grow your own sustainable fresh produce over an extended growing season, offering extra warmth in the winter, shelter from the elements, and protection from pests.

Our polytunnels are tried and thoroughly tested!  

Over the past 10 years, we have supplied over 2000 Haygrove Garden Tunnels to small and large gardens, allotments, smallholdings, schools, and community projects all over the UK, from the Cornish coast to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. We offer a convenient optional construction service, making the build easy and efficient.

We only use the highest quality materials so when you purchase a Haygrove Garden Tunnel, you can be confident that you’re investing in a polytunnel that is built to last.

Need to maximise your growing space?

Haygrove Garden Tunnels are uniquely A-framed polytunnels. The 2m side height ensures you are maximising the growing space inside your polytunnel.

Perfect for tall plants, and tall people! Take a look at our specification guide for more information on our Garden Tunnel sizes

Want to manage the growing environment?

Every Haygrove Garden Tunnel is fitted with a manual roll-up, roll-down ventilation system. The vents are covered by an insect net to let air in, but keep the pests out!

Enhanced management of temperature and humidity in your polytunnel, and protection from pests, means your plants can thrive!

Looking for a strong, high-quality polytunnel?

Using our experience of over 30 years in polytunnels, our engineers have designed a superbly strong structure using industrial-grade materials.

All the steel is galvanised and the polythene cover is a unique woven material. Haygrove Garden Tunnels are built for the long term! Shop our polytunnels here.

What our Customers Say

“I took a long time to decide which tunnel to buy & I’m sure I’ve got the best”

Cindy Carlton

“We are thrilled with the polytunnel’s quality and the high standard of workmanship”

Mr & Mrs Green

“Very pleased with the product & workmanship, very professional”

Mr & Mrs Murray